Visual tech company Snaploader’s intuitive 3D web viewer is helping agents win more listings and attract more buyers.

The collaborative technology enables potential buyers to access an interactive 3D model without the need to download an app, allowing them to see what a property looks like in 3D. The 3D web viewer even adds virtual furniture to empty spaces.

Snaploader founder and developer Eric Fink said that users can view the 3D model from every angle, on any device.

“Snaploader 3D floor plan helps the agent become more innovative, which in turn shows the vendors and potential client that they are at the top of their game,” the founder said.

“The most beneficial use for an agent is that it helps them win listings.”

Mr Fink said that client research shows that the inclusion of a 3D floor plan in the marketing budget can tip the vendor in favour of the agent.

“It is as simple as the agent showing a 3D floor plan at a vendor meeting. The vendor will always prefer the 3D model which the competition may not yet use.

“Agents also use it at inspection time where they often get asked [if] a certain size [of] bed will fit into a bedroom.

“With Snaploader, they are able to drag and drop any size [of] bed in the 3D floor plan in front of the client to confirm whether the bed will fit.”

Mr Fink also said that the model has a feedback function, which consistently demonstrates the demand for this visualisation tool from consumers.

“The feedback often states that the 3D model has helped them understand the space better and on one occasion even suggesting it should be on all listings.

“The average number of views [is] now at 600 per listing and the dwell time around the three-minute mark shows how engaged the potential buyers are with the Snaploader visualisation tool.”

Mr Fink also said that vendor feedback has been equally as positive.

“The vendors love it and like having a 3D version of the home that they are trying to sell. We often hear of the vendors sharing the 3D model link on their social media networks, which on one occasion has brought the agent the end buyer,” Mr Fink said.

“As a client summarised… ‘not everyone can visualise a 2D floor plan. Snaploader takes all the hard work away’.”